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About Us.

About the SCSPMA

The South Carolina School Plant Management Association (SCSPMA) was organized in the interest of enhancing and promoting the educational process by providing a medium through which Plant Maintenance and Plant Management may be improved.

Our Mission

Strengthen the contribution of Plant Management to the South Carolina educational system.

Promote professional advancement of School Plant Management personnel.

Provide for exchange of information to improve School Plant Management, maintenance and care by promoting acceptable policies, standards, and practices.


Enhance the development and implementation of policies affecting Plant management.

Provide a voice in the promotion of Plant Management in the South Carolina educational system.

Provide technical and management training and upgrading needed for today's Plant Manager, Maintenance personnel, and Custodians.

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Our History & Board

The South Carolina School Plant Management Association was established in 1982 for the purpose of bringing facilities staff members together to share best practices.  Since then, the SCSPMA has enjoyed a long tradition of bringing together industry professionals to learn from one another and advance school districts throughout South Carolina.

Jon Fetta


Jon has been working in the Facilities Department at the Horry County School District since 2017. Before that he has worked in various Maintenance Management/Project Management positions for the State and Federal Government for the past 30 years. He enjoys spending time with spending time with his family and volunteering.

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Timmy Anderson


Timmy has been employed with Horry County Schools for 12 years as a mechanical technician and has been involved with the SCSPMA for the last 4 years. Timmy is a firm believer that schools start with the men and women of the Facilities Departments. In his spare time he loves spending time outdoors with his friends and family.

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Leon Sturkey


Leon has been employed by Marion County School District for over 20 years. He currently serves as Director of Operations and oversees all construction and renovation projects for the District. He also supervises athletics, emergency preparedness, food services, grounds, maintenance and transportation. Prior to becoming the Director of Operations, he served as a guidance counselor, coach, school athletic director, and district athletic director. 

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James "Jimmy" Martin


James retired from Charleston County School District with 30 years of service in Facilities and Asset Management. He is currently the President Elect of the National School Plant Management Association.

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Jo Ann McCrackin


Jo Ann McCrackin has worked with Horry County Schools for 29 years in the Facilities Energy Department and Maintenance Department.

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Celeste Monette


Celeste Monette worked for Charleston County School District for 10 years as a middle school math teacher. She has an Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration and Masters of Arts in Education.Before becoming an educator, she worked for First Federal of Charleston for 5 years. She currently enjoys staying at home with her youngest child and working with home-bound students for Charleston County School District. She believes the teachers could not do their jobs without the men and women who work so hard behind the scenes keeping the schools and facilities up and running. She says it is a pleasure to work with the board of the SCSPMA and it's members.

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Aaron Skipper


Aaron has been an employee of Horry County Schools for 10 years. He grew up hearing school facilities language spoken in his home from a very young age. His father is a retired facilities grounds manager and his mother drove a special needs bus for many years. Aaron carried on his family's passion when he became part of the Horry County School Facilities Department. Aaron currently holds the title of General Crafts Specialist and serves on the safety committee. He is looking forward to the opportunity to learn and grow from the men and women that make up the SCSPMA. As a father of five, Aaron is excited to have a platform that has a positive effect on the education of our children.

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Kara Hoffman


Kara is a resource to create and/or fine tune emergency planning strategies, provide clients with the ability to remotely manage crucial facility information and she and her team at BELFOR can carry out essential disaster recovery services for district facility managers and vendors alike. 

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Our Past Presidents Spotlight

The SCSPMA thanks our Past Presidents for their service and commitment to providing the best possible facilities for students and staff in schools throughout South Carolina.

Jim Vicar

PRESIDENT 1984 - 1985 AND 1992 - 1993

Jim has been committed to the South Carolina School Plant Management Association for over 30 years. He served as the SCSPMA Executive Director and President twice before retiring in 2020 from the Association.  Jim was also the First President of the National School Plant Management Association in 1996 and served on the Scholarship Trust.  The Anthony "A" Vicar Award, named after Jim's father, is among the highest honor that we can bestow on a colleague.

Kasler Hughes

PRESIDENT 1982 - 1983

Charles Gainey

PRESIDENT 1983 - 1984

Jim Vicar

PRESIDENT 1984 - 1985

Edgar B. Thomas

PRESIDENT 1985 - 1986

Richard Mullinax

PRESIDENT 1986 - 1987

Gorver C. Rakes

PRESIDENT 1987 - 1988

Billy Nicholson

PRESIDENT 1988 - 1989

Lenny Goethe

PRESIDENT 1989 - 1990

William Gunnells

PRESIDENT 1990 - 1991

Kasler Hughes

PRESIDENT 1991 - 1992

Jim Vicar

PRESIDENT 1992 - 1993

Arnold Coley

PRESIDENT 1993 - 1994

Don Camby

PRESIDENT 1994 - 1995

Danny Fowler

PRESIDENT 1995 - 1996

Vernon Prosser

PRESIDENT 1996 - 1997

Art Cornelius

PRESIDENT 1997 - 1998

Brant Cromer

PRESIDENT 1998 - 1999

Ed Estridge

PRESIDENT 1999 - 2000

Dickey McCuen

PRESIDENT 2000 - 2001

Alan Easler

PRESIDENT 2001 - 2002

Ron Kane

PRESIDENT 2002 - 2003

Mike Armour

PRESIDENT 2003 - 2004

Brian Vaughan

PRESIDENT 2004 - 2005

Mike Johnson

PRESIDENT 2005 - 2006

Ronnie Wiggins

PRESIDENT 2006 - 2007

Kenny Blakeney

PRESIDENT 2007 - 2008

Connie Ward

PRESIDENT 2008 - 2009

Ed Estridge

PRESIDENT 2009 - 2010

Jim Arneman

PRESIDENT 2010 - 2011

David Hogge

PRESIDENT 2011 - 2012

James Martin

PRESIDENT 2012 - 2013

Greg Holliday

PRESIDENT 2013 - 2014

James Martin

PRESIDENT 2014 - 2015

Dewayne Miles

PRESIDENT 2015 - 2016

Dewayne Miles

PRESIDENT 2016 - 2017

Kenny Blakeney

PRESIDENT 2017 - 2018

Leon Sturkey

PRESIDENT 2018-2019

Marty Monette

PRESIDENT 2019-2020

Timothy Anderson

PRESIDENT 2020 - 2021

Aaron Skipper

PRESIDENT 2021-2022

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